Features of Initial Coin Offering Script

Zeligz is an entire Initial Coin Offering Script Platform Developed with PHP Laravel. Our system is fully responsive, Dynamic, Supports overall all cryptocurrencies. In this digital world, every startup has a dream of starting a crypto business and gaining a good amount of profits in the crypto sector. Those startups will have unique business ideas and projects in their hands but they might not have the required funds for executing them. That is where the crypto crowdfunding platform comes into the picture.

Initial Coin Offering Script

The crowdfunding platform based on cryptocurrencies will let the startups quickly raise the funds for their projects. As per the current market, there are different types of crypto crowdfunding strategies that grab the attention of startups and entrepreneurs. Among these strategies, ICO is one of the simplest and easiest ways to raise funds.In the ICO platform, the investors will be responsible for buying tokens based on fiat currencies or crypto coins. These investors will buy these ICO tokens with the intention that token prices will rise in the future after listing in the crypto exchanges. The best part of ICO is minimum investment. Also, anyone can launch an ICO platform and raise funds in the crypto industry. There will be no intervention of any central authority or government. Besides, the whole ICO development process is simple and easy when compared to other crypto crowdfunding models in the crypto industry.Features of Initial Coin Offering Script SoftwareFeatures that you permit in the ICO platform are greater critical for attracting crypto traders. Because features always play a vital position in launching a successful ICO website for elevating budget.
Initial Coin Offering Script

Here we list some of the special functions that you could get in the malicious program-loose and
customizable ICO script software.
  • Accept foremost crypto cash
  • Investor dashboard
  • Admin panel
  • Token pricing control
  • MLM application
  • Two-component authentication
  • Referral program
  • Advanced custom UI/UX
  • Multi-lingual help
  • Real-time information
  • High-give up safety systems